Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday parties and my upcoming travel

There's nothing worse than getting stuck at the airport... but at the same time there's nothing better than being stuck at the airport with your laptop, ipod and some coffee :D in other words, I'm not in the office working the day away - I'm headed somewhere fun. (can ya tell i'm excited to travel?)

In any case, I enjoyed my first of many tree decoratings at Marks house and my 6th holiday party at Mike's house. I enjoyed meeting new people at both parties and I'll be back at Marks on Christmas day. I really do like to learn about others by listening to their stories. Everyone has a unique story to tell or a different perspective. I digress... I spent a lot of time catching up with friends at Mike's Holiday party... i like the holidays.

So we'll be travelin' to Boston and NYC this weekend. I hope to get some excellent pics and upload them to my flickr photostream... but 4 now, check out these pics from my photostream:

Check 'em: xmas tree and holiday par-tay

The next time I write I may have just come from... Cheers!


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