Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Moving sucks! (and celebrity responses)

Tick tock... tick tock...

I'm almost done w/ my move - why is it taking so long? For one, I own too much crap. For two, I procrastinate. I'm ready to be done moving. I have thrown away so much that I never thought I could - and it felt great - but I ask myself why haven't I cleaned house sooner? I'm ready to go home and just toss everything, well, everything that good will does not accept. I have already given them 9 bags of clothes and linens and I expect another bunch o' bags tonight. also, I'm selling a couch, a fridge and some other odds and ends. Ok, enough about the stupid moving.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, specifically, blogs by Robert Scoble and Tim Ferriss. Robert is a tech blogger and Tim is an entrepreneur: both are very well known and popular, I would call them celebrities. Well, Robert has responded to me via Twitter. It was great when I finally had dialog with him about the platform. I love it and said so and he asked why. The short answer why is because it allows (as Robert said) a TV channel in my pocket (read: my telephone). If your phone can take pics or videos, you can upload them to your channel as if you are your own producer. I like to use my imagination so you can bet ill have some pretty good use-case ideas for this service in the future. Tim is an entrepreneur and a social experimenter. Lately, he posted about using to find a date. I responded to his post and he replied back to me! I was so excited to see his reply that I had to write back immediately. Tim inspires me because he does things his way and documents what he does for others to reproduce. Tim has also written a NY Times best seller, The Four Hour Workweek. I'd love to be a best selling author. I will put it on my "doing" list (hint: read the book).

In my life I have moved 9 times. In my life I have had many jobs. It seems that a stable job will allow me to have an exciting, risky job and a stable job will allow me to have an exciting risky life. I've had the stable job for many moons now and its boring. I'm ready for the opposite. I'm ready for the stable life and the exciting, risky job. This is step 1 of my plan: secure my base.

What is step 2? Like, duh! You'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.

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