Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Future Tasting

Santa Barbara County is a beautiful part of Southern California! I'm up here from LA to do a little bit of wine tasting with my mom while she is visiting from New Jersey. Yesterday, we got up here a bit late so we first went to Kalyra. I've been interested to visit this place since the "Sideways" movie and it was just as fun as I expected. Cassie, One of the girls who was working, provided us with her knowledge of the different types of wines and when to drink them for the best taste. I am now a fan of Riesling wines (Kalyra has a great Riesling, btw) and joined their wine club. We drove east on 246 and stopped at some more wineries before heading to Los Olivos where we tasted more wines before heading back to prep for dinner.

We ate dinner at The Hitching Post and it was good. I had the Filet and my mom had the chicken dish with rice pilaf and a salad... mmmm. We both enjoyed our evening and would most definitely go back. The town closes down early so a bit of reading then to bed. Today we're going to peruse the local stores before heading back to LA for the Halloween party on Santa Monica Blvd tonight.

The rural area up here is growing on me and I would like to (one day) move away from the city life. I dream of being able to enjoy my life without needing to be tied into the city for my career. For instance, my technology career doesn't need me to be in the office except maybe one time per week. I barely have to meet with clients and its a waste of time for me to drive in and spend 8hrs in a cubicle. I hope companies realize people will be more productive working when they feel best - not between 9 and 6. Also, I hope companies will realize that the overhead of housing a workforce can be cut by allowing telecommuting as the norm rather than a perk. Ugh, sometimes I feel as if I work in the Flintstones cartoon.

One step at a time - we'll get there... anyways, happy tasting :D

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