Friday, October 12, 2007

Twelve Days Later...

(these are our 'cool' faces)

Guess what, y'all?

Give up yet? C'mon, look at that pic...

Ok, here it goes: I'm moving in w/ the chick who dumped me last week. Am i stupid? No. Am i crazy? No. Am i working towards a meaningful relationship? Yes. Can I pack up and leave if need be? Yes. Will i be walking her pomeranian, peanut? Maybe :D

You have to be asking yourself, "what the f___ is he doing? he's moving in w/ a girl he met 3 months ago! not to mention, its the chick who dumped his ass in newport (see previous blog)!!" well, dont worry, thats been said to me more than "hello" this past week. regardless, i press on. i am ready for an awesome adventure with Laura. I AM READY.

so, we've looked for apartments in the surrounding neighborhoods, we've discussed our expectations, we've come up with solutions for many of the smaller probs (i.e. arguments, stressful times, etc...) and made lists of our furniture, appliances and other items that we're either keeping or tossing. fyi, she wants me to ditch my couch and i'm saying no! i want to keep my couch! so, veto something else babe, it aint happenin ;)

the apartment we saw today was nice. it had high ceilings, 2 bedrooms and 2 batchrooms. it had central air, it had a modern kitchen and a decent sized living room. i think we even have a spot for a dining room table - yay! i could live there for a year (or more)... just play it by ear and see what happens.

aside from this whole moving thing, and the living w/ my chick thing, im really excited about eliminating a lot of the crap ive accumulated over the years. i still have stuff that i had in college! stuff that dale and i created (read: the ho stick!); stuff i shoulda tossed away a long time ago (read: electronics) and some other random stuff that i picked up while living here in los angeles. ELIMINATION is necessary for me now... i have a need to get back to the basics.

In any case, I am happy. I would be happier w/ a cohab, and we'll see what we can work out b4 the final move-in date, but I am happy! Its been a long time since i've heard the L word (love) and got all tingly inside. Im following my gut here... and, like i used to say:


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