Monday, October 1, 2007


Wow, what a weekend!

I was taken to Newport on a 'surprise' getaway, got dumped during the getaway, and then won my first fantasy football game of the season! The good lord is tryin to tell me somethin, and he's sayin: be single and win FFL games! I mean, who believes in coincidence? Seriously, I'm single, I'm 1-3 (in FFL) and I'm happier than ever... How can that be? What's my secret? Ill tell ya: Things come full circle, always. If you can understand that and go with it, you'll always be happy.

Look, I was just dating a hot, sexy, smart chick and now I'm not... I'm aint sad that I'm no longer with her, because I had a great time while I was with her... In addition, i was just 0-3 in FFL. I'm not sad about that because now I've got a win! What more could I ask for without being greedy? Yea, I 'spose I could have had the girl and the win, but that was so 3 years ago and everyone knows I wasn't happy then... I could have had the girl and been 0-4... But I want to win so badly! I also could have had the win and, um... oh wait, nevermind ;p

The moral of this story: believe in the give and take, the ying and the yang, the power of karma! Its real. I know, from experience! If you take too much, or give too much, you'll be off balance and find yourself in an uncomfortable position when you don't want to be uncomfortable. If you can keep your life balanced, you'll be happy, even when you're sad.

Ya gotta love it, I know I do! Thanks for the victory, chapd... And thanks for the fun L, I'll miss ya!

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Anonymous said...

Love the 'tude and outlook on your situ! You know...FFL games, girls, and the shirts they steal as trophies will come and go but you'll always have your friends and more good times to look forward to! Can't wait to hear about those! Keep on truckin' dude and don't forget to **** it!