Thursday, October 25, 2007


Alright alright! Don't ya love it when you win big?, I do. And I was surprised to see the jackpot sign posted on the keno game, not as surprised as the woman who won, but i felt just as good. At the poker tournament earlier that day I made it into the final 40 out of 150. Not too bad but Chris made it further :) The live boxing matches rocked and that was the first time I've seen live boxing. Have you ever played craps? How about California craps? The difference is that craps, regular craps, is played with dice. California craps is played with cards: 2 shooters of about 40 decks, ace through six. The game isn't as fun as the original but keeps ya entertained nevertheless.

Well its t-minus 18 days and counting till I have to move out of here... 18 days! I'll be moving my big stuff this Sunday. I have many things to do still: give my clothes to the good-will place, turn off utilities, have supervisor walk-through, pack, move, entertain mom. Oh yea, the mothering unit arrives on Saturday. We always have fun hangin out... Santa Barbara here we come! Walt Disney Concert Hall here we come! Oh yea, did I mention that I'm moving this weekend. Rental truck and day laborers here we come. Good times. :)

So yea, I over extended myself with commitments during the end of October. But ya know what they say. Um... well, they say that change happens all at once and then nothing for awhile... or something like that. In any case, the point is that its coming fast and I better be quick on my feet. If we can make it a fortnight, we'll be all moved in and on cruise control to the Holidays. Two weeks! Two weeks isn't that much to ask... make it two weeks and its only four more weeks till Boston/NYC. I'm on a roll... Life is great. Jackpot!


ps - read Tim's blog about bad things and watch the AK-47 video.


Adam Trapp said...

That's a nice chunk of change right there...just remember sharing is caring. 50/50...even steven.

TJ said...

Nice try but the lady wouldn't budge on the 50/50 deal. I only got a $7 Corona out of it ;)