Monday, October 15, 2007

Leasing the Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is the coolest place I've visited in 2007!

So I had another surprise trip - this one successful - got an apartment and gave my 30 day notice... oh yea, I also lost my FFL game. I've got 1 win and 5 losses... I'm not happy. Regardless, my weekend rocked. Check it:

Laura surprised me with a trip to the Magic Castle on Friday night. The night was awesome. The Castle is setup with small rooms for some intimate magic sessions and big rooms for the night-ending explosions (btw, the final show was awesome!). The final magician, Joseph, was so good I didn't want to leave. He pulled 6 birds out of thin air! The Magic Castle tickets arent easy to get... She rules!

I watched college football and went to dinner at Sushiya with L on Saturday. On Sunday, I watched NFL football and drank beer. It was classic. Oh yea, btw, my fantasy team lost again. I suck with a craptastick record of 1-5.

To recap: my girlfriend kicks ass, my fantasy team sucks ass, and I've got twenty eight days to move out...

BTW, I'm throwing a Halloween party before I move out of here... word up!

Everyone's invited! Even You!

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