Thursday, September 20, 2007

The tooth ratchet

Dudes! I went to the dentist this AM to get the post portion of my implant installed. I had no idea how easy it would be, and as usual, I was a bit freaked out. What I didn't know was that the process was really simple:

Step 1) Drill a hole into my jaw bone. This sounds painful but was over in 10 mins. Nothin to it at all... No bad smells, no flyin bone parts, nothin.

Step 2) Measure the hole depth. The doc took this inch long, metal, yard stick and stuck it into the hole. Then took an x-ray to make sure he drilled deep enough. The image of this was too cool for words (and he wouldn't make me a copy of it for my blog) but lemme say it looked as if I had a mini yard stick jammed into my jaw - it was very surreal.

Step 3) Insert post. This was an easy step. He put the post in and hand tightened it... Just imagine the last time you put together some furniture and had to hand tighten the screws. Yup, just like that he had it in...

Step 4) Screw it in. I never knew that dentists had such cool tools until today... He pulled out a ratchet - yea, like the kind in your toolbox - and tightened that post till it wouldn't turn any further. The ratchet even made that clicking sound when he turned it backwards. If I had never used a socket set before today may not have been as cool... But I have and it was and I wish it was all on video.

Oh well, next time!

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