Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The weekend + M, T, W


The weekend was OK - mostly b/c my jaw has been killing - but aside from that I had fun. the last thing ive wanted to do is write; however, for those of you concerned, its been feeling better. I stopped taking the vicodin Sunday afternoon so i would be able tell if there was still pain... and there is, but in it's place I have switched to a mix of Advil/Naproxen/Tylenol. In any case, im feeling about 80% today - only needed to take advil 2x. I hope to call the doc tomorrow and give him the all-clear.

Monday & Tuesday i was super busy doing chores i let go to hang out w/ L... she's just too much fun... i cant just say no to her :D Anyways, we're going somewheres this weekend but i dont know where! its a surprise! is that awesome or what? i think so... ok, more to come so stay tuned.


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